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Crime Scene Section

Officers and civilans assigned to this section process crime scenes when officers or detectives call for their services.  The Crime Scene Technicians collect and process evidence, such as taking photographs and fingerprints from scenes of thefts, traffic fatalities, autopsies, and homicides or deaths from unusual or undetermined causes.  The Crime Scene Section is a vital part of criminal investigations, because the evidence that the technicians obtain and handle allows the department to solve serious cases. 

Crime Scene Technicians use various instruments and methods to process evidence: 

  • The alternate light source, available through a grant from the state, can detect blood, hair, semen, fingerprints, gunpowder, and bruises under the skin by using different colored lights and lenses to detect what would not be visible to the naked eye.
  • Luminol is a chemical that makes small traces of blood glow in a florescent color.
  •  Ninhydrin is a chemical used to lift fingerprints from paper.
  • The super glue fuming chamber uses super glue to create a vapor that adheres to fingerprints so they can be lifted.
  • The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a statewide database that provides fingerprint matches from which detectives can make arrests.
  • The Hilti PD 25 is a laser used to measure evidence at crime scenes such as homicides, and skid marks and distances at vehicle crash sites.  Rolatape is a special tape measure used for the same purpose.
  • The evidence drying room is used to dry clothing that has been dampened from blood or any other bodily fluids, chemicals, or liquid substances.
  • The Crime Lab Technicians produce scale drawings of crime scenes.


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