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Aimed at 14 to 21-year-olds, the Explorer Program is available to young people who are interested in a law enforcement career.  The Explorers receive regular instruction about police department operations, volunteer their time to help at various police department and community events, and participate in social activities.  Advisors for the Explorer Program are three male police officers and one female police officer.

The Explorers receive their own uniform and equipment from the police department and attend a yearly academy, which is a condensed police academy.  A typical day in the academy begins with an early morning workout, consisting of running, calisthenics, stretching, push-ups and sit-ups.  For the rest of the day, Explorers attend courses to learn about areas of the police department, such as criminal law, self-defense, crime scene investigations, report writing, traffic, narcotics and the K-9 Unit.  They even learn how to apprehend a subject while on bicycle patrol, how to conduct a traffic stop, and how to handle firearms and to shoot live ammunition at a range.  Explorers are tested on the material that they learn in class.  At the end of the academy, awards are presented to Explorers with the highest grade point average in each area of study and best performance in physical fitness activities.

The Kenner Explorers volunteer to direct traffic and monitor crowds for safety at various events.  They also partake in the New Orleans area Boy Scouts camping event at Camp Salmen in Kiln, Mississippi.  During the event, Explorers direct traffic, supervise and locate scouts who may lose their way in the heavily wooded area during hikes and other outdoor activities.  In addition, the Explorers make appearances as McGruff the Crime Dog and Vince and Larry, the Crash Dummies at events such as the National Night Out Against Crime.

The program is educational, fun and encourages high standards for teens and young adults.  Potential Explorers must have worthy academic and personal records in order to be accepted into the program.  For more information, or to apply, please contact the Community Relations Division at (504) 712-2395 or at



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