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The Traffic Services Section is comprised of officers whose objective is to enforce traffic laws to reduce vehicle crashes and fatalities.  The officers are deployed according to crash analysis statistics and work during times and in locations on highways and intersections where the most problems occur and are also assigned to the neighborhoods.  The Traffic Services Section investigates complaints from citizens about issues such as areas where frequent speeding or running stop signs occur.  The traffic officers also provide escorts for funerals, dignitaries and presidential motorcades. 

The officers in the Traffic Services Section investigate fatality crashes and are trained in basic and advanced crash investigations and reconstruction.  Crash reconstruction training includes courses in At-Scene Traffic Crash and Traffic Homicide, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation and Traffic Crash Reconstruction.  The courses involve learning mathematical formulas to apply to crash scenarios to determine and draw to scale how crashes happen.  The officers are certified for each part of the course after completing it, and by passing an exam. 

The training is essential, because expert analyses of crash sites will provide accurate facts and closure on how a crash really happened, will allow lawsuits and other legal proceedings to be fair and will indicate roadways that need additional or improved traffic signs.  The officers work in pairs for crash investigations to ensure thorough surveys and are experienced in focusing very close attention to details, gathering facts and applying the correct formulas for accurate crash reconstruction.

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