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It is essential that all police officers are well-educated and proficient in their skills for police work and have the opportunity to specialize in various fields, so that the department can continue to provide the best quality service to the community. For that reason, the Kenner Police Department opened a Training Center in Rivertown in 1995. The facility features a full-size gymnasium with both free-weights and cardiovascular equipment. Additionally, there are two classrooms with electronic audio/visual amenities for instruction of officers and to conduct community safety programs.  The Training Center is staffed by four full-time employees, a Training Coordinator, two Training Officers and one Administrative Assistant.  The Training Staff is responsible for managing in-house training for police officers and schedules officers to attend out-of-town training courses. 

P.O.S.T. Certification

The Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Council requires all full-time police officers to attend a Basic Law Enforcement Peace Officers Academy with a minimum length of 360 hours. The Training Center is authorized by the Louisiana P.O.S.T. Council to conduct Basic Law Enforcement Peace Officer Academies.  Currently, the Kenner Police Department Basic Peace Officer Academy is 600 hours in length and is attended by all newly-hired Kenner Police Officers and officers from other agencies throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area. This has allowed the department to meet the growing demand for producing quality, well-trained police officers. The Training Center staff also manages the 14-week Field Training Program which all recruits are required to complete before being assigned to a patrol squad to work solo.


All police officers attend annual in-service training to maintain various skills and requirements. The in-service training includes qualifying with firearms and practicing defensive driving of police vehicles in emergencies.  Officers also reinforce their skills in CPR, First-Aid, defensive tactics, report writing, legal updates and use of the Taser.

Physical Readiness Testing (PRT)

The Kenner Police Department is one of the few law enforcement agencies in the area that has a mandated physical fitness program.  The Training Center conducts Physical Readiness Testing (PRT), which is a program that helps insure that officers are fit for duty.  According to the PRT program, officers must take an annual test, which requires them to perform a certain number of push-ups and sit-ups, complete an agility run, 300 meter sprint, vertical leap test, maximal bench press test and complete a one-and-a-half mile run.  The Training Center also administers Physical Readiness Tests to police officer applicants which includes the same events as the officers’ PRT.


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