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Throughout the nation, the Neighborhood Watch concept has become the mainstay of progressive law enforcement agencies, like the Kenner Police Department, in an effort to reduce crime.  Wherever they have been instituted, Neighborhood Watch programs have had a considerable effect on reducing crime as well as the fear of crime. 

Equally important is the effect Neighborhood Watch activities have on the way we feel about our safety.  By working together to protect ourselves, we become involved and have control over our homes and neighborhoods.

The Kenner Police Department recognizes that without the citizens of the community reporting crimes, our job would be nearly impossible.  A police officer cannot always be present when a crime is committed, so citizen observation plays a vital role in our fight against crime.  By working together, we can keep our community one of the safest in the nation. 

Even though you may not have a problem, regular meetings increase awareness, better neighborhood relationships and help ensure that a problem never arises.  This allows all groups to meet the minimum requirement of two meetings per year.

A Neighborhood Watch group is easy to start, and it is extremely effective when implemented correctly.  By starting a Neighborhood Watch in your area, you are taking the first step towards making your home, your neighborhood and your community a safer place to live.

Click here to download some important resources necessary to start your Neighborhood Watch program.

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