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Vehicle Burglaries

The information below lists some of the common items, methods and locations of vehicle burglaries.  You may be a potential victim if you often leave valuable items in your vehicle or park in high-risk areas.  Reduce your chance of being a victim of vehicle burglary - become familiar with this information and practice the behaviors found on the deterrent list.

Follow these suggestions to help deter vehicle burglaries:

  • Take keys out & lock your car

  • Park in well-lit areas or attended lots & only leave the ignition/door key with lot attendant

  • Completely close car windows when parking

  • Don't leave valuables in plain view - remove valuables at night & place in trunk during the day if the items must be left in the vehicle.

  • Use your garage - Lock garage door & vehicle inside

  • Replace T-shaped door locks with straight locks

  • Engrave expensive accessories

  • Use tire/wheel locks

  • Install an audible car alarm

  • Take out removable radios and face plates

  • Avoid parking between large vehicles (they provide cover)

  • Do not approach your vehicle when a stranger is near it; dial 9-1-1 or security for an escort.

Items to avoid leaving in view:

phones, pagers, cigarettes, money (including loose change & credit cards), CDs, console visors, briefcases, purses, wallets, radar detectors, GPS systems, sports equipment, removable radios, clothing, laptop computers, iPods, weapons, address books.

Be aware of burglary methods and locations:

Entry methods:

Breaking glass, unlocked doors, pried/jimmied, windows rolled down or half-rolled down, window vents, sliding windows (mainly trucks), sunroofs, convertible/T-tops

High-risk areas:

Apartments, single-family residences, auto parts/dealers/repair shops, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, bars

Suspicious actions:

Pulling door handles, looking in windows, odd clothing for the time of year, lookouts, nervous looking (looking all around, moving slowly or quickly), checking for alarms by bumping or hitting the window or bumpers for sensitivity



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