Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit the Kenner Police Department’s website.  The Kenner Police Department’s mission is to provide our community with the most effective and professional law enforcement and public safety services and we are proud to be regarded as one of the most progressive law enforcement agencies in the nation. Each year we take steps to implement state-of-the-art technology and train ourselves in the most effective methods of fighting crime.  Currently, we are hiring qualified, dedicated men and women to join our force.  Visit our recruiting section for more information.

As you explore this site, we hope to provide you with an overview of police department operations and introduce you to our proactive community efforts.  It is here that you can learn about the many innovative safety and crime prevention programs available to you, such as the Citizens’ Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch and Women’s Self Defense.  

I hope you will continue to visit our website and learn more about the Kenner Police Department. For more information, please write to us at 500 Veterans Blvd. Kenner, Louisiana 70062.  If you have a question or concern you’d like to email me about, I can be reached at kpd@kenner.la.us

Michael J. Glaser
Chief of Police


Career Opportunities

Do you have what it takes to join the team?  We are currently hiring:

Police Officers
Correctional Peace Officers
Police Communications Officers
Call Takers                                                                                                                            Crime Scene Technicians                                                                               Administrative Assistants


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Mission Statement

The Kenner Police Department’s mission is to provide our community with the most effective and professional law enforcement and public safety services.  We recognize and take pride in our continuous contribution to the quality of life in our community.  We will meet the challenge of fulfilling our mission by basing our actions on these guiding principles:

Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement, & Public Safety

We strive to prevent criminal activity by engaging in innovative policing methods.

We preserve the peace and suppress crime by investigating suspected criminal activity. We arrest and incarcerate persons who commit criminal acts.

We protect life and property by effectively responding to all disasters and emergencies.

We promote the efficient flow of traffic, investigate accidents and encourage safe driving habits.

We respond in a timely manner to all service requests.

Community Relations

We educate our citizens about crime prevention.

We educate our youth on the dangers of substance abuse and delinquency.

We work to earn the respect of all the people we serve.  We perform our duties with courtesy, fairness, efficiency, professionalism and respect for diversity.

We promote an open-door policy concerning all matters of public interest.

We recognize and value the members of our community as partners in a unified effort to prevent and reduce crime.

Ethics & Professional Standards

We are committed to uphold our position of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We value the spirit of teamwork, commitment to duty and training.

We pledge to make maximum effective use of the resources and personnel and demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

Chief Of Police

Michael J. Glaser

Buckle Up for 2022 Click It or Ticket National Mobilization

As the unofficial start of summer, the Memorial Day holiday weekend is a busy time for Americans.  Each year, the highways fill with families in vehicles, on their way to start their summer vacations.  To help keep drivers and passengers stay safe, the Kenner Police Department is reminding motorists to Click It or Ticket.  Aimed at enforcing seat belt use to help keep families safe, the national seat belt kickoff campaign will take place May 23 through June 5, 2022, concurrent with the busy travel season.

Buckling up is such a simple task that can keep you and your family safe in the car.  But it’s more than that.  Buckling up is the law.  Our law enforcement personnel see the consequences of not buckling up.  We see the loss of life.  Often, it could have been prevented with the simple click of a seat belt.  This should be automatic.

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches and the summer vacation season ramps up, we want to keep our community members safe, and make sure people are doing the one thing that can save them in a crash: buckling up.  If the enforcement crackdown wakes people up to the dangers of unrestrained driving, we’ll consider it a success.

According to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the national seat belt use rate was 90.4% in 2021.  Additionally, in 2017, an estimated 14,955 lives were saved through seat belt use with another 2,549 lives that could have been saved if everyone had buckled up.

Of the 22,215 passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2019, 47% were not wearing seat belts.  The consequences of not wearing, or improperly wearing, a seat belt are clear.

Buckling up helps keep you safe and secure inside your vehicle, whereas not buckling up can result in being totally ejected from the vehicle in a crash, which is almost always deadly; air bags are not enough to protect you…in fact, the force of an air bag can seriously injure or even kill you if you’re not buckled up; and improperly wearing a seat belt, such as putting the strap below your arm, puts you and your children at risk in a crash.

The benefits of buckling up are equally clear.  If you buckle up in the front seat of a passenger car, you can reduce your risk of fatal injury by 45% and moderate to critical injury by 50%.  And if you buckle up in a light truck, you can reduce your risk of fatal injury by 60% and moderate to critical injury by 65%.

In 2019, 55 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed at night (6:00 p.m.–5:59 a.m.) were not wearing their seat belts.  That’s why one focus of the Click It or Ticket National Mobilization campaign is nighttime enforcement.

Participating law enforcement agencies will be taking a no-excuses approach to seat belt law enforcement, writing citations day and night in the City of Kenner.  The Click It or Ticket National Mobilization campaign is so important because it raises awareness about seat belt safety during the time period when seat belts are least used.  With an increased number of cars flooding the streets due to the Memorial Day holiday, it’s imperative we get the word out about the importance of seat belt safety.

Additionally, almost twice as many males were killed in crashes as compared to females, with lower belt use rates, too.  Of the males killed in crashes in 2017, more than half (51%) were unrestrained.  For females killed in crashes, 39 percent were not buckled up.

If you know a friend or a family member who does not buckle up when they drive, please ask them to consider changing their habits.  Help us spread this life-saving message before one more friend or family member is killed as a result of this senseless inaction.  Seat belts save lives, and everyone—front seat and back, child and adult—needs to remember to buckle up—every trip, every time.

For more information on the Click It or Ticket campaign, please visit www.nhtsa.gov/ciot

Chief Glaser can be reached by email at kpd@kenner.la.us.  Visit the Kenner Police Department website at www.kennerpd.com.  You can also download the free Kenner P.D. mobile app for both Apple and Android devices as well as access the Kenner P.D. Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updated crime, traffic, and other law enforcement-related information.