COMMUNITY RELATIONS & Crime Prevention Unit

The Kenner Police Department’s Community Relations and Crime Prevention (CR/CP) Unit continually strives to establish and maintain binding ties with the community and to keep the lines of communication open to hear the needs of the community.  The CR/CP Unit is committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive proactive crime prevention program. 

The Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit offers several innovative programs designed to enhance awareness, crime prevention and goodwill throughout the community.   

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Citizen Police Academy

The first of its kind in Louisiana, this 13-week curriculum affords citizens an understanding of law enforcement and the role it plays in our community.  While class members are not trained to function as police officers, they are offered a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of a professional law enforcement agency.  Graduates of the class serve as ambassadors of goodwill throughout the community, disseminating awareness and demystifying police procedures.  To learn more about the Citizen Police Academy, click here.

Women's Self-Defense

The three day/four hour per day classes focus on both physical and mental defensive tactics for women if confronted by an attacker.  The hands-on experience helps women test their skill in a crisis and discover their own special strengths and talents.  The Women’s Self Defense Program is designed to give women confidence, awareness and a security plan. To learn more about Women’s Self Defense classes, click here.

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Speakers Bureau

By educating the community on various crime prevention topics, we can reduce the number of crimes in the City of Kenner while increasing the quality of life for citizens.  The Kenner Police Department can present speeches and presentations on a variety of crime and crime prevention topics to businesses, community groups, schools and others.  If your group would like a speaker for any of the topics listed above, or if your group would prefer a tour of the Kenner Police Complex, please contact the Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit at (504) 712-2294.

Charitable Work

The Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit partners with charitable organizations such as Special Olympics Louisiana, the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and other civic groups throughout the year.  Thousands of dollars are raised annually for these programs.  This is an important way to assist with programs that benefit a large number of families in the community.


Law Enforcement Torch Run
Over The Edge
Special Olympics Fundraiser
Shop With A Cop
Partnership with Walmart
Heroes and Helpers
Partnership with Target
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Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

This program allows citizens to meet and look after one another, and to be educated about types of suspicious activities to report to the police department.  Members of neighborhoods form groups, appoint a block captain, and must hold at least two meetings per year to report concerns to police officers representing the department.  The culmination of this program is the “National Night Out Against Crime.”  This event is held annually in October when neighborhoods host block parties to support safer communities.

Community Police Corps

The objective of the Community Police Corps is to provide the Kenner Police Department and its members support to help them accomplish their duty and to provide effective and efficient public safety services to our community.  Volunteers are given the use of a patrol car, which is used to observe areas such as schools and business concentrations. 

Business And Residence Security Surveys

These are appraisals of the structural deficiencies that may invite criminal activity on the property.  Recommended modifications are provided to help eliminate the opportunity for criminal activity.

Community Progress Groups

This program involves property owners in the improvement of their communities. Organized in 1998, the effort has successfully encouraged property owners to clean up their property and to be conscientious about background checks of potential tenants. This has benefited the owners by increasing their property values and rental fees. 

Seniors' Programs

This program is open to seniors throughout the community.  It promotes crime prevention awareness and victim assistance through cooperative education.  This program is a mutual awareness and participation by seniors and law enforcement working together for a common goal.  The Kenner Police Department will mobilize community resources to continually ascertain the needs and concerns of older citizens and provides a mechanism for meeting those needs.  Our purpose is to share resources that can effectively be utilized to develop and achieve a highly visible and effective means of identifying available programs or possible solutions to reducing the criminal victimization of the city’s elderly population.