Women's Self-Defense

Women’s Self-Defense is a FREE, nationwide program that teaches self-defense options to women to use if confronted by an aggressor. Those options, when used correctly, will allow potential victims to escape their attacker.

Hands-on experience helps women test their skills in a crisis and discover their own special strengths and talents. The Women’s Self-Defense program is designed to give women confidence, awareness and a security plan.

Each session consists of 3 day / 4 hours per day classes of instruction. At least two certified police officers are on hand at each class to teach women’s self-defense.

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Our February class is FULL. Please check here for upcoming classes.

Who can participate?

Females who are 13 years or older can take the Women’s Self-Defense course. Women can also take the course as many times as desired to keep abreast of the latest self-defense and safety techniques.

Announcements regarding upcoming Women’s Self-Defense Classes will be announced on our social media accounts and this website.

What Topics Are Covered?

The Women’s Self-Defense instructors conduct group discussions and demonstrations on the following topics:

·       Definitions of types of sexual assault

·       Lawful meaning of self-defense

·       Abduction

·       Risk awareness, recognition, reduction and avoidance

·       Self-defense techniques

·       Voluntary opportunity to practice self-defense techniques with a certified instructor